The Brand

The Name
The name Nocht is a blink to the cultural roots of designer and founder Reinier de Jong. Nocht is a Frisian word which is hard to translate but it refers to a state of joy and fulfilment. Mojo would be an English equivalent. The word describes very precisely what we are all about and why we design what we do.
The Idea
Nocht.Work has no stylistic dogma nor a commercially driven brand identity. All that counts is the love of designing extraordinary furniture, in particular tables. They can be conceptually, cool and cutting-edge as long as they have an outstanding character of their own.
The Tables
Nocht.Work has dedicated itself entirely to creating outstanding tables: coffee tables, dining tables and side tables.
The Sales
All our tables are uncompromising and made-to-order in Europe. Therefore we do not work through traditional retailer chains and we do not operate as a webshop ourselves. Instead we cherish direct contact with our customers to be able to advice and support thoroughly before a purchase is made. If you are interested in one of our tables you can send an email to: info@nocht.work